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aequa is a community for social equity, with a Community Centre in Berlin Wedding. We are an intersectional community united by our visions of a world in which everyone can thrive. Learn more about aequa here.

This episode of aequa radio explores the subject of refuge. With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, millions of people have had to flee their homes at a moment’s notice, seeking refuge in Poland, Germany and other European countries. Quite thankfully, we have seen European citizens and governments alike striving to welcome these refugees with open arms. And yet, the borders and homes of Europe are not open and welcoming to all, and are in fact still closed to many refugees from Ukraine (without a Ukrainian passport), and also from other crises of war, famine and climate emergency.

Sarj talks to some of the groups that are supporting predominantly Black and POC refugees from the war in Ukraine as well as other crises that preexist this one, for example the detained and abused refugees in Libya, and Nigerians being deported from Germany on a regular basis. Sarj shares some ways that listeners can show up right away for those who have had to flee their homes, whether financially or with their time, energy, space or other resources.

Content warning: war, abuse

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