Vibe Check w/ Nene H

With Ace Of Demons, and Nene H

In this episode (in German language) Nene H is presenting her unreleased track “rau” of her upcoming album “Nene H - Ali علي LP” that’s gonna be out on 16.7. on Incienso. Nene H is sharing with us how this album came about through the loss of a loved one and how music helps to find a place to put the pain of inner grieve into a graspable form. So trigger warning at this point if this is a sensible topic for you. We are talking about how producing a more experimental album also represents the struggle of contradiction artists get when personal value and commercial value of a project/release don’t necessarily align. Towards the end of the episode, we are talking about the individual and structural struggles as a commercially successful DJ to navigate between being able to make a living, while still protecting the vulnerable underground club spaces and communities for whom the club is the one of the few spaces they can be themselves without judgement or persecution.