Vibe Check with Sanni Est

With Ace Of Demons

In this special end of year episode of Vibe Check live from the Refuge Worldwide studio, Ace of Demons invites singer Sanni Est. She’s presenting her ethereal cover version of “Me in 20 Years” By Moses Sumney, which is going to be part of the live show she developed for 2022. We are talking about how vulnerability and sensitivity find a place in Sanni’s music, about her upcoming transmedia project “Photophobia” of which she already presented parts at HAU Berlin and Kampnagel in Hamburg and how it is connected to her etymological research about darkness, which in the West is closely linked to racist discourses linking it with negative attributes. We are talking about her classical European training as singer at the conservatory in Brazil, its colonial component, how it affected her relation to singing and how loneliness affects trans and racialized people structurally to a much wider scale in a white cis dominated society.