Vibe Check with Perra Inmunda

With ace of demons, and Perra Inmunda

After touring in Germany for the festival summer, Ace of Demons had the pleasure to get a hold of one of Berlin's hottest up and coming artists Perra Inmunda. Perra is a queer rapper, who takes shit apart in different styles, genres as well as languages since Perra utilizes German, Spanish and English to connect. With autumn in full effect, It's just right around the perfect time of the year for Vibe Check's first live show at the cozy Refuge Worldwide studio, where Perra Inmunda will perform the unreleased track "Dale Suave" live as well. That means it's going to be a double premiere and a double live guys!! The performance is going to be followed by a chat about how the track came to be, artistic influences, inspirations and Perra's art at large.