Perra Inmunda

Perra Inmunda is the musical alias of the Berlin based Colombian artist and musician, Claudio Campo-Garcia. Having grown up in Colombia, later living in the United States, and finally arriving in Berlin at the age of 10, the rapper Perra Inmunda utilises Spanish, English and German to not only communicate with a broader international audience, aware of an ever-growing global interconnectivity, but also to consciously reject the notion of reducing oneself to one country, one language, or one stylistic genre. The Spanish name „Perra Inmunda“, meaning so much as „Filthy Bitch“, is the rapper’s attempt to re-appropriate a derogatory term mostly aimed towards Female* identifying persons, as well as Gender Non-conforming and/or Trans* individuals. Violence against these groups of people is an extremely worrying international problem, especially in Latin America, a crucial issue which the rapper intends to shine a light upon and actively fight against.