HKW and Transmission present Shaping Dance Floors

1st September, HKW and online.

By Staff

On Thursday 1st of September, we are heading to Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt (HKW) to broadcast the event Shaping Dance Floors, which will explore forms of resistance, activism, community and pleasure in dance music culture.

‘Even if its consumption increasingly takes place online, music still stands for an immediate and deeply communal experience. In a club culture characterized by escapism and profit logic, however, the significance of the dance floor as a political place is being lost from view. In urban centers around the world, actors are working to defend and repeatedly reimagine this space. At Shaping Dance Floors, some of them come together for a conversation with the audience.’

Shaping Dance Floors is curated by Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner, hosts of Transmission on Refuge Worldwide, and will include a panel discussion, talk, dance workshop and party. The event will feature producer and organizer Phatstoki, DJ and radio host Eugenia Seriakov from the Berlin collective Sound System Culture, scholar Larisa Kingston Mann aka DJ Ripley (pictured) and choreographer Peeps in conversation with Samira Hamid Sharifu about their experiences in underground club culture and the possibilities of making a difference in their communities. Afterwards, there will be a house dance workshop with Peeps and DJ sets by Phatstoki and Sarah Farina. 

Meet us at HKW or tune in from 20:00 CET on 1st September, as we broadcast the event live. 

On August 18 at 12:00 CET we will also be broadcasting a special podcast called Shaping Dance Floors, Locally curated by Sarah Farina, Kerstin Meißner and aequa radio’s Sarj Lynch. The show will focus on the politics of dance music culture outside of big cities, and will feature a number of organisers and club activists from smaller German towns including Sedef Adasi, Gîn Bali, Ra-min and Ulrike Schell.

Full event info on the HKW website here.