Refuge Worldwide to host body and collective resistance workshop at Savvy Contemporary

The session will be led by Camille Barton (AKA AfroOankali).

By Staff

Sunday 13 November, 14:00-16:00.

How do we befriend our bodies? How do we help create a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible? And how do we integrate these ideas into our daily lives? 

On Sunday 13th November, we invite 15 participants to join us at the acclaimed Savvy Contemporary gallery and ideas lab (Wedding, Berlin), to take a two-hour workshop exploring our connection with our bodies, mindfulness and self-awareness. Through dance, consent exercises, personal sharing and discussion of René Descartes mind-body dualism, Camille Barton will lead the Sunday afternoon session towards a physical state fit for collective resistance in times of great change. Barton is an artist, drug policy advocate and embodiment educator from the UK and is now based in Amsterdam.

This workshop is part of Savvy’s 4+3=1 exhibition, which deconstructs old philosophies, archaic ways of thinking and structures which control society. 

Sign up for the workshop by emailing Attendees should wear comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle, notebook and pen.

Listen to AfroOankali’s Bass Incarnate radio shows here.

Photo credit: Lusi Mbira