Our brand new chatroom is live!

Join the conversation on our website or login via Discord.

By Staff

Grab a direct line to our residents and dial in those requests or track IDs you always wanted - Refuge Worldwide's brand new chatroom is live.

We've migrated the Chatroom to Discord, creating an online extension of our physical community space, a place to meet and connect with other listeners, radio hosts and the station's staff.

Discord is an instant messaging social platform. Participants have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers".

The Refuge Worldwide Discord server is split into three channels:

#⁠general-chat - this is the live chatroom, it functions as normal and is mirrored with - that means the Discord channel and the website’s chatroom are the same, updating in real-time. All live shows and radio hosts can interact with this channel just like the old chatroom. 

#music-promos-demos - in here anyone can share their tracks in the hope of getting some radio play. 

#⁠berlin-stories - Drop links to Berlin-based parties, exhibitions, protests or meet-ups. We pick a weekly selection to amplify on our IG story round-up. Please note we cannot share everything.

Please read the guidelines when joining, while you can sign-up via Discord for full features.

See you in the chat!