Mixed Feelings centres accessibility with a multi-language radio experience

The radio and workshop series Mixed Feelings kicks off on October 30th.

By Staff

Mixed Feelings is expanding the radio experience.

Refuge Worldwide is proud to begin a new series of radio shows embracing the diverse talents and stories of artists from the disabled community. Our Mixed Feelings project will experiment with multiple ways of broadcasting, with radio episodes accompanied by sign language and others in spoken language, both featuring English subtitles.

The beginning of a longer project trajectory aiming to evolve and adapt as it grows, Mixed Feelings was developed in collaboration with two members of the d/Deaf community, activist Dana Cermane and artist Saverio Cantoni, who has been part of the Refuge Worldwide community since joining our 2022 Creative Studios project.

“I have been asking myself how radio could be different if it allowed access beyond hearing supremacy,” says Cantoni. “In the time of online radios, many practical tools could grant accessible experiences across disabled communities. Mixed Feelings is an ongoing process to celebrate accessibility as sexy and cool, experimenting with tools that expand the radio experience from a listening-only space to visual and multi-language.”

The series features radio shows touching on the multiple intersections of art and music making from the perspective of artists with lived experiences of sickness and/or disability, members of d/Deaf community, and racial discrimination. The shows will take place each Monday from October 30th, starting at 5pm. Guests across the episodes include Max Taguet, Molly Joyce, JJJJJerome Ellis, Leroy F. Moore and Rita Mazza.

The episodes hosted by Dana and Rita Mazza are in German Sign Language (DGS) with subtitles in English, while the episodes hosted by Saverio will be in English with transcripts available on our website.

Each episode will also be followed by a workshop that is connected to the radio show topic. Workshops will take place both at Wolf Kino Studio and online.

Applications are now open here:

Anti-ableism and Accessibility Awareness with Agnieszka Habraschka (Mon 30th Oct) Accessible Clubbing with Yewande Adeniran (Mon 6th Nov) Perspective: Exploring Disability Viewpoints Through Artistry and Accessibility with Molly Joyce (Mon 13th Nov)

Alongside the development of this project, we have also undertaken steps to make our website and content more accessible. We are carrying out a series of usability tests with participants that use a wide range of assistive technologies. These tests will help to inform on the steps we can take to improve the accessibility of our site, starting with adding alt text to editorial features and transcribing a minimum of one talk show per month. 

We pledge to continue developing our offering to make it more accessible for all. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to this process, please reach out to We welcome feedback on this project and how to make all our work more accessible.

Mixed Feelings was supported by Urbane Praxis with funding and by Sickness Affinity Group (SAG) with their Zoom Pro account for the online workshops. At the end of the project, we will publish a report on our learnings and will include a financial report. 

Access information for Oona bar, the home of Refuge Worldwide, are available here.

Das Projekt ist Teil der Initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, gefördert vom Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis sowie von der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaflichen Zusammenhalt.