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International Day Against Police Brutality | Georgia Protests | Ukraine Resistance Radio

By Staff

Our weekly roundup of stories you may have missed.

Wednesday: International Day Against Police Brutality

Wednesday 15 March is the International Day Against Police Brutality. Berliners can join Wrangelkiez United at their demo from 17:00 in Görlitzer Park. Afterwards, KOP and ReachOut Berlin are hosting a free event from 18:00 at Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße 21, including a panel discussion on racist police violence and an introduction to the campaign ‘Go Film The Police.’

Georgia unrest

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Georgia last week to oppose a draft law that critics have called an attempt to limit free speech, weaken the country's integration with the, and strengthen ties with Russia. The law, which would have forced media outlets and NGOs to register as ‘foreign agents’ if over 20% of their funding comes from abroad, mirrored a 2012 Russian law used by Putin to silence many human rights groups. The proposal was withdrawn after two days of protests.

UK ‘small boats’ plan 

A draconian new Illegal Migration bill proposed by Rishi Sunak’s UK government could effectively reverse a ban on child detention in the UK, putting vulnerable children at risk of detention and deportation. The proposed law, designed to reduce ‘small boat crossings’, of migrants arriving in the UK, marks a U-turn on 2010 rulings to protect children, and has been called inhumane and illegal by human rights groups, and even some members of Sunak's own Conservative Party.

Gang violence in Haiti

Women and girls have been amongst those most affected by Haiti’s descent into gang violence, as new stats reveal a sharp increase in gender-based violence. The situation in Haiti is only expected to get worse and instability to grow, as privately financed armed groups are trafficking increasingly sophisticated high-calibre firearms into the country. The country’s national police are underfunded and overwhelmed, and local NGOs are claiming to not have received any government support.

France protests

There were violent clashes between protesters and police across France last week, as millions took to the streets nationwide in opposition to an unpopular pension reform that includes raising the age of retirement by two years. The standoff reached a climax over the weekend when the French senate voted in favour of approving the reforms. Macron has repeatedly avoided calls from unions to meet and discuss a resolution, and footage has been circulating of heavy-handed riot police response.

Odai Masri Fundraiser

Help us to support our dear friend and Refuge Worldwide resident Odai Masri (Oddz), who has been diagnosed with a serious ear condition that could end his music career. Odai, who founded the Palestinian musical festival Exist, needs €2000 for surgery that could save his hearing. Head to the gofundme page to help fund Odai’s treatment and recovery.

Ukraine Resistance Radio

The Ukraine Resistance Radio project has put out an open call for tracks for their first broadcast, aiming to amplify the experimental sounds and music of Ukrainian artists and their collaborators. The first broadcast with partner Radio Vilnius will be on 19 March. If you would like to submit your work, make sure to apply by Wednesday, 15 March. Any personal expression is encouraged, including surprising and experimental music, field recordings, and other sonic inventions. 

Sustain Saffron

Saffron needs your support! For the past seven years, Saffron have been working to advance gender equality in the music tech industries by taking an intersectional approach and offering courses, mentorship and guidance to women, non-binary and trans people. With their current grants coming to an end, the community is now finding itself in need of financial support. Check out their IG for more information on their work and if you are able to, donate here.

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