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ICYMI | #129

Decriminalise Sea Rescue | Stop Tesla Factory Expansion | Majazz Project

By Staff

Our weekly roundup of stories you may have missed.

Sea rescue operations do not promote migration

A new German study has found that there is no evidence that sea rescue operations promote migration. Analysing data from 2011-2020, researchers at the University of Potsdam found that the presence of sea rescue organisations was not a ‘pull factor’ for people looking to cross the Mediterranean. The ‘pull factor’ theory has long been used by EU border authorities to justify the criminalisation of those working to save lives on Europe’s borders.

Tesla’s Berlin factory could put public water at risk

Tesla’s new plans to expand its so-called Gigafactory in Grünheide, just outside Berlin, will have serious impacts on the local environment. The regional water association has raised concerns that the development, which would span one million square meteres of land and that was previously forest, could stop the formation of new groundwater and reduce the drinking water supply. Environmentalists have repeatedly warned of the devastating impacts on biodiversity since construction began in 2019.

SPD’s Nancy Faeser moves to make deportations easier

Nancy Faeser, Germany’s SPD Interior Minister, is pushing to make the processes of deportation and detention easier. New proposals would allow longer detention times, as well as the deportation of people suspected of involvement in organised crime, even if they have not been convicted. The plans have been heavily criticised – one Green MP accused the government of encouraging “isolation and spreading fear… for those who are in need of protection.”

Majazz Project Fundraiser

Donate now to support Majazz Project, a record label dedicated to archiving and releasing forgotten Palestinian and Arab music. Palestinian culture is under constant threat of destruction and erasure – help Majazz Project to keep a piece of vital musical heritage alive.

Meta, YouTube and Google promoting harmful products in Kenya

Big tech firms have been accused of profiting from the promotion of fake health products to women in Kenya. According to new research, firms including Meta, YouTube and Google have been amplifying content for unproven and potentially dangerous remedies for infertility and cancer, and other products marketed to women. Social media platforms have been under scrutiny in Kenya recently – Meta faces three more lawsuits in the country due to failures in content moderation.

Volunteer for foodKIND in Athens

Greek NGO foodKIND are looking for volunteers to help them distribute food to refugees and displaced people in crisis in Athens. Head to their website to find out more about volunteering, and for those unable to help in person, donate!

Get to know Maryisonacid

Ahead of our party at Panorama Bar this weekend, we caught up with African Acid is the Future founder Maryisonacid who shared her takes on party promoting, curation and broadcasting. Catch Maryisonacid at our party this Friday alongside Eliza Rose, Dreamcastmoe, All Night Passion and Tornado Wallace.

This week on Weserstraße:

Tuesday: Mareena & Irakli, DJ Luv You

Wednesday: Still On Hold, Berenice Llorens

Thursday:Alias Error, SAGAN, Astral VIP

Friday: PBar Warm-Up w/ Eliza Rose, dreamcastmoe

Saturday: Burkey, Makayabundo Social Club