Refuge Worldwide joins a 24hr global strike for Palestine.

End the occupation.

By Staff

In response to the occupation and violence inflicted upon Palestine and Palestinian people, Refuge Worldwide & Oona Bar will be offline between midnight on Thursday 19 October and midnight on Friday 20 October. 

Unimaginable horrors are being inflicted on those under siege in Gaza, the West Bank suffers under occupation, and Palestinians around the world are persecuted for resisting.

Basic human rights in our home of Berlin are under threat, we are witnessing police brutality on the streets of Neukölln. People must be able to speak out and grieve, and the right to demonstrate must be protected.

We mourn all innocent lives lost since the beginning of the occupation, across generations and across borders. Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism of any kind has no place in our world. Human rights must be protected.

We call for an immediate ceasefire and urgent humanitarian aid for Gaza.

Businesses, workers and students – we ask you to join the global strike on Friday 20 October.

Stop the genocide. End the occupation.


European Legal Support Center – legal support for those arrested or assaulted at demonstrations in Berlin and beyond.

Medical Aid for Palestinians – donate to fund urgent relief efforts in Gaza.

Support Palestinian Solidarity in Europe – donate to support ELSC and Palästina Kampagna (formerly Nakba75).

Jewish Currents – rolling explainer on the current situation in Palestine.

Learning Palestine – 12 hour radio programme by Radio Alhara.