Refuge Worldwide host Gaza Voices for screening and discussion

Join us at Niemetzstrasse on Friday, June 7th.

By Staff

This community event is dedicated to the stories and voices coming out of Gaza and Palestine.

It aims to explore the challenges that come with navigating and creating these diverse narratives amidst silencing and censorship. Together with invited guests, we will discuss the erasure of stories, memories, and truths, and explore our role in archiving these voices to preserve them fully.

The evening will feature a look at various projects including documenting the ongoing genocide in Gaza, uncovering the unwritten history of Palestine to recreate a collective memory and designing tools to help preserve and share these stories.

Between 7-9PM on Friday June 7th, our Niemetzstraße 1 (12055 Berlin) space will host a screening of interviews collected by the Gaza Voices Project, an online greeting from Omar Alrabi and a panel discussion between Nahed Awwad (documentary filmmaker), Youssef (Palestine Collections) and Mohamed Omar (Gaza Voices).

The event is free-of-charge, open to all and wheelchair accesible. If you have further questions about the accessibility of the space, please contact nicky@refugeworldwide.com

Nahed Awwad Nahed Awwad is a Palestinian independent filmmaker and a film curator based in Berlin. She has been working in Film and Television since 1997. Awwad was professionally trained in Canada, Qatar, and Belgium. In 2004 she got her film diploma from the European Film College in Denmark and has since released nine films (experimental, short, feature length formats), among them “25 km”, “Going for Ride?”, “5 Minutes from Home”, “Gaza Calling” and lately “Palestine: banned in Berlin”; all were meticulously researched. The ethos of Awwad’s filmmaking is to provide intimate access to the characters featured in her films. Audiences feel they know and understand the protagonists.

Gaza Voices Gaza Voices attempts to create a platform for Gazans to share their experiences and thoughts since October 2023 and bring outsiders closer to the daily circumstances they face. The project collects testimonies of people from and in Gaza. Gaza Voices is in the process of turning the recorded interviews into an online archive of testimonies; further, some of the conversations are published as a podcast.

Palestine Collections The tool Palestine Collections aims to make it easy for people to document and organize what they encounter online. It allows them to reflect on these encounters for themselves and to share it with the public. It provides a space outside the "stream" where people can return to refine and save these collections merely by organizing them well in a Google sheet.