Expanded Listening takeover at Refuge Worldwide

Open call for dancers, choreographers, musicians & storytellers who practice Afro-diasporic dance.

By Staff

Expanded Listening is a long-term research project that, in this edition, explores the intersection of alternative radio stations and the performing arts.  

Stemming from the Listening Bodies project and led by sound artist Oscar Ngu Atanga (aka O.N.A), dramaturge Sarah Israel, and artist Sarah Zeryab, the project spans three events taking place at Cashmere Radio in Wedding (6 and 8 October) and Refuge Worldwide (7 October). 

Each of the three events, or 'Artistic Labs’, will deal in different ways with 'practices of listening', questioning the extent to which 'listening' – understood as a consciously exercised activity and an artistic practice – can be helpful in making present voices, themes and sounds that have hitherto been underrepresented in society. 

Join us at the Refuge Worldwide studio or tune in live on 7 October for ‘Lab On Air’. The lab will demonstrate how radio, as a tool for political communication, broadcasting alternative voices, and as a place of audio assembly, can offer a space to present and archive cultures. 

‘Lab On Air’ brings together a collage of different cultures, ranging from sound system, ballroom, Gwo ka and more. The Lab focuses on members and developments primarily within the Afro-Diasporic art communities in Berlin. 

Open Call:

The event on 7 October will also include a 1-hour open-mic session. Dancers, choreographers, musicians & storytellers who practice Afro-diasporic dance in Berlin or consider themselves as part of the city’s Black dance culture are invited to share their personal backgrounds, practices and perspectives. If you want to get involved, contact Oscar, Sarah and Sarah at sonicmovementlabs@gmail.com. No prior radio experience is required and participation will be remunerated.