Oona Bar celebrates New Year's Eve with DJ Tears

We are open ‘til 3am this Silvester

By Staff

Oona Bar is open on December 31st, saying goodbye to 2023 in style.

The DJ Tears crew are taking over Weserstraße with a slick line-up, open ‘til 3am. In the booth will be ALISSAZADDI, Delfiné, Denzxl, mx.pinky and Nodelay, while SWAK's Bare Wines - who founded DJ Tears together with Nico Adomako - will be pouring wines.

The latest batch of DJ Tears wines were harvested in 2016, macerated for one day then aged in an oak barrel for a year. Finally they had a six year mellow-down in the bottle. In the words of the DJ Tears crew, "it's a little bit emo but absolutely cute and complex beyond that first sip, leaving you wanting more, tear after tear."

It will be our last event of the year, before we take a break and reopen on Tuesday, January 9th. Earlier on the 31st, there will be sets from Lavan and Kemback at Oona Bar.

Tune in live on air or come down to Weserstraße 166, free entry as always.