Creative Studios Berlin: Radio Showcase

Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th and Monday 29th of August

By Staff

In the next few weeks, participants of our recent radio workshop programme with Creative Studios Berlin are broadcasting their new shows live on Refuge Worldwide.

On Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th and Monday 29th of August, we'll be hosting a wide range of conceptual broadcasts, including shows exploring guilty pleasures, sign-language radio, sonic time capsules, Black science fiction, and much more.

Our four-week workshop programme, presented with Creative Studios Berlin and aimed at young people from marginalised communities, covered a wide range of essential skills in radio production. The syllabus included studio techniques, such as DJing and interviewing on air with mentees like Maryisonacid, CCL and Sarj; as well as writing workshops with journalists like Caroline Whiteley.

This week, we will be broadcasting the first English shows on Saturday and the German-speaking shows on Sunday. Tune in for a taste of the future of radio broadcasting.