We Who Move The World Forward

We Who Move The World Forward is a project in 6 chapters with conversations, live performances, workshops and an exhibition at Kunsthaus ACUD between February and July 2024. The project amplifies the voices of migrant workers, feminist activists, trauma survivors and displaced people to activate resources for protection, solidarity and support in dealing with integration, displacement and mental health. These will be strengthened through networks, alternative support structures and community solidarity at a time when migrant communities are at their most vulnerable. The program explores historical colonial practices related to integration processes of foreigners and examines community resources, gendered experiences and forms of reparation in the lives of refugees and cultural spaces. This program is curated by Anguezomo Mba Bikoro and Fetewei Tarekegn and presented by ACUD MACHT NEU. The lives of the four protagonists Fasia Jansen, Semra Ertan, May-Ayim and Sista Mimi with their struggles within German integration and migration law and the political landscapes of West and East Germany from the post-war period to the present, are traced together with lesser-known perspectives from three waves of German migration history. We contextualize them with movements that shaped the experiences of migration and discrimination of the four protagonists: Gastarbeiter, Vertragsarbeiter and the Berlin refugee movement. These are presented in the project chapters by actors who were involved in the development and strengthening of these movements.