Vanda Forte

Vanda Forte began their artistic journey by discovering Trance, an inheritance from their father, a CD collector, and their mother, who, dreaming of becoming a singer, passes on her passion for Soul, RnB, and then the world of hip-hop, their main current influences. Enthusiastic about rhythmic structures and with a penchant for the famous "Amen break" as well as rhythms stemming from African cultures and their Moroccan origins, Vanda Forte dares to create unique and unconventional blends. As an artist of many talents, Vanda Forte never ceases to surprise with their multiple roles; they are a musicologist, DJ, producer, and singer, they are also a curator, and founder of the Vagina Rocks collective, which highlights artists from gender minorities, feminists, and racially marginalized individuals. Vanda Forte, known for their role as a "whisperer" within the duo Caïn و Muchi, explores a vast musical territory where traditional and electronic music intertwine. Their poignant lyrics evoke their personal experiences, mental health, as well as committed reflections on a society grappling with its afflictions, reflecting the struggles, akin to its people.