Multidisciplinary artist TRISHES challenges the confines of art and constructs of self by using live looping, visual art and spoken word to delve into our psyches. Her undeniably original songwriting, fleshed out by hip-hop beats and pop hooks, examines human struggle through an anthropological lens to prompt listeners on a journey of self-inquiry.

TRISHES isn’t only known as a creative - her passion for the intersection of arts and activism has garnered her invitations to speak all around the world including at TEDxDelthorneWomen in Los Angeles, The Independent’s 50th Anniversary in New York, and at XP Music Futures in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Her debut album The Id came out in October 2021. TRISHES is currently working on her Sophomore album Superego, and recently signed to Gardner Literary who will be representing her first book, Pretty for a Brown Girl.