Tan Brown

Meet Tan Brown, a singer, songwriter, and producer whose journey began in the churches of Queens, NY, where musical expression was deeply embedded into the cultural experience. There, she fostered her passion for singing, playing instruments (piano, and guitar) and improvisational melodies. Her musical prowess was further expanded through her familial roots, spending much of her childhood on the island of Jamaica, which influenced her unique approach to freestyle and melodic vibrations.

At age 13, Tan auditioned for and was accepted to a vocal pre-conservatory music program at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in NYC, founded by Tony Bennett. There, she received training in classical and contemporary music, laying the foundation for honing her craft as a collaborator, producer, and songwriter.

Renowned for her immersive soundscapes and hazy vocals, Tan effortlessly weaves stories through sound. Following the release of a joint EP "In Dreams" with producer ATELLER, Tan Brown is stepping out to embark on a new sonic journey. Currently based in Berlin, she is completing her upcoming solo EP, poised to unleash a new vibration for listeners in 2024.