Moulding field recordings beyond recognition, the world is a studio to Sabiwa. Her aural works bleed into the intersections of nature, earth magicks, and ritual. Conveying the viewer to a world of natural sound, she warps it, smearing sonics across the mind. With her voice as your guide, she builds psychedelic bridges to ceremonial rituals of the mind. Dancers, visual projections, and instrumentalists become a part of the liturgy for the Earth, inviting en masse reflection on our environment and collective selves. Her recent album on Phantom Limb, 2023’s Island no​.​16 – Memories of Future Landscapes, shows a fragment of this ritual – dissected field recordings and music that hums like the buzz of insects and birdsong, all bolstered by Sabiwa’s otherworldly vocals. Deeply transportive, and fecund in its intricacies.