Roots Daughters

The Roots Daughters were established in 2009 by a duo of serious sound system addicts and roots music lovers from Pula (Croatia). They started out playing and promoting dub/roots music at Ljubljana`s Monday's Dub Lab evenings at legendary Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova Mesto (Slovenia).

After being part of the regional scene for some years, Julie continues their mission when she moved to Berlin in 2013. She meets Jahminta Zulu (Vintage Night Cologne) on the same musical frequency and they decide to join forces.

Heavily inspired by rastafari and Jamaican sound system culture, the sessions are a space of upliftment, sharing vibes, knowledge, developing skills and empowering one another. Both are passionate vinyl collectors who will make you experience Reggae Music in all it's beauty and versatility - from its foundations to recent releases.

Before the pandemic they were regularly organising events, creating a space and platform to express and represent female activists in the scene. Now, with their new hand-built sound system they're ready to resume their work and take it to the next level.

Another goal is to give credit and pay tribute to the great female* artists which have been criminally underrated or unheard of in the past by playing their tunes and help spread the message in the music - Equal rights and justice for all!