With her background originating in classical music and jazz, Riva fell under the spell of electronic music whilst growing up in the Middle East. From there, her taste and appreciation for music became borderless and eclectic, drawing inspiration from her British-Indian background and experiences of living in Hong Kong and South Africa. Her music does not hinge on one genre as Riva sees music as a form of storytelling, protest and is always on the hunt for rhythms that can spread a message, unify and emancipate the listener on the dancefloor. Now based in London, Riva is part of the internal team of Daytimers, a collective that champions South Asian talent, that aims to revive the "Daytimer", that uses its platform to raise awareness of various issues. In the last few months, Riva co - organised Daytimers' latest release (DT002), the Farmers Protest 24h Livestream Fundraiser and the India Covid Relief Charity Fundraisers, raising over £15,000 in support of these projects. Many more exciting projects lie on the horizon that allow Riva to continue her work on socio political projects whilst sharing her love for music and allowing those on the dancefloor escape reality for a few hours with her. Such projects include curating a 10-hour stage of South Asian queer DJs at Body Movements festival, co-organising and playing at Dialled In - the first South Asian festival to take place in London as well as another compilation in celebration of pride month and to raise money for various LGBTQIA charities.