PARISSA CHARGHI is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist known for her work as a Creative Producer, Vinyl Selecta & Founder of Heavy Feelings, based in Cologne Germany. She independently curates and hosts a creative platform for independent artists and fosters a collaborative environment that encourages authentic representation and exposure to a diverse audience. HEAVY FEELINGS itself acts as a hub where music, art, and subculture can intersect for emerging and exceptional talents in the music scene with focus on events, media productions and cultural interactions. As Vinyl Selecta, Parissa curates a rich and diverse collection of records, drawing inspiration from the past and present, regardless of whether their music is organic or electronic in nature. Her profound passion lies in selecting music that captures the essence of the moment, taking listeners on a cross-genre journey from soulful grooves to stirring beats. Although her musical palette is eclectic — Jazz comes first, always.