Nat Wendell

Berlin-based Nat Wendell, a seasoned DJ and producer with a profound connection to his core sound, is one of house music’s true exponents. Uniquely his, Nat has left an indelible mark on a world of electronic music so often bereft of the essence of groove—the same groove that now regularly sparks the dynamic atmosphere of venues like Berghain/Panorama Bar and Heideglühen in Berlin. His mission, since 1998, has been the same: to captivate audiences with his unmistakable sense of swing. His musical upbringing in the melting pot of cultures that is London has been the catalyst for his sonic identity, and his very first record purchase, "Snap - The Power," proved to be a powerful harbinger of things to come. Immersed in the diverse Caribbean culture, with its roots in gospel, dancehall and soul, he developed a keen appreciation for the rhythmic intricacies of records. The influence of London's soundsystem culture is evident in his signature garage groove, though so too is the pulse of New York's 90’s house culture—from its intricate tempo to its powerful soul. A move to Berlin in the 2010s saw releases on essential labels like Courtesy of Balance, thisisnegentropy, King Street Sounds, as well as his very own Depths of My Soul. His output has kept up pace with his gigs, and so too has his sound: on the dancefloor, Nat’s penchant for snapping grooves and desire to connect with the audience on a deeper level become an invitation to embrace the moment, surrender to the rhythm, and experience the magic of the dancefloor. Nat Wendell continues to evolve into a maestro of sound, crafting a unique sonic journey that is deep, soulful, and undeniably groovy. That his music is now taking him worldwide, from the celebrated Fusion Festival to the hallowed floors of his very own inspiration, New York City, is a testament to the fact that his sense of swing has, and will, withstand the test of time.