Moehecan is a Berlin-based DJ/Producer who has a remarkable passion for House music and an ability to build atmosphere and energy in the club. A born and raised Brooklynite in the 90s, he was influenced by his older siblings' love for Hip Hop & Dance music, which cultivated his appreciation for a wide array of genres. However with a particular affinity for 90s Chicago & Detroit House, Hip House, Jackin, & Acid. His cultural background as a Syrian catalyzed his passion for the drums, leading him to meticulously and dynamically blend Afro & Latin sounds into his mixes. In the past 2 years, he's been making a name for himself by playing in some of Berlin's night life staples such as Renate, Golden Gate, and Paloma. As well as organizing events at these respective clubs with Bird House Berlin, a House music collective/event series he co-founded. Through music and events, he aims to break down cultural barriers and foster connections among diverse audiences, uniting them in a shared love for music on the dancefloor.