Miss Borgia

I still remember when as a child I was dancing twist and ye-ye with my sister listening Rita Pavone, my mum constantly singing some 60’s song while she was cooking, songs still now indelible part of Italy culture.

After I found the old records of my parent’s youth I start to collect original Italian records from the 60’s, feeling the vibes of that beautiful Italy, when there was a little hope of change, women were singing if their independence, about not conventional love, about freedom.

Then in 2013 my first dj set in Roma where I am from then carry on when I moved to Brighton and Paris with my latest Italian party “Patty” like the one and only Patty Pravo. Recently, drived by my general passion for Italian music I started to collect also 70’s and 80’s records too, it’s definitely a beautiful addiction, just a little bit heavy every time I move country :)