Minor Science

Angus Finlayson produces inventive, left-field club tracks and exploratory home listening material as Minor Science. He first appeared during the 2010s with a series of acclaimed singles that were often deep and spacious, with intricate beats, sudden vocal interjections, and heavy, unexpected bass drops, as on the 2017 track "Volumes." He released his ecstatic yet reflective debut album, Second Language, in 2020. Finlayson is also a notable DJ, with mixes alternating between club bangers and ambient abstractions. Developing his experimental project Absent Friends from collage-like sets to live performances consisting of original material, he released the studio full-length Absent Friends, Vol. 3 in 2023. Residing in Berlin but originally from England, Angus Finlayson worked as a music journalist, and began producing and DJing as Minor Science during the 2010s. The hazy experimental house EP Noble Gas was released by The Trilogy Tapes in 2014. Finlayson then became one of the first artists signed to Nic Tasker's London-based Whities label (later renamed AD 93), with one single per year arriving between 2015 and 2017, in addition to the experimental mixtape Absent Friends, Vol. 2, created for a London-based installation. He also remixed tracks by artists such as Chevel, Cosmin TRG, and Special Request. Second Language, Minor Science's debut full-length, appeared in 2020, containing some of his most intense rhythmic explorations.

In 2023, he issued two contrasting recordings, both featuring clock images on their covers. The AD 93 single 064 was a giddy mashup of hardcore, bassline, and electro, while the Balmat-issued full-length Absent Friends, Vol. 3 was a fluid, textural set of experimental pieces created for his live performances.