Living in Berlin for about 20 years, and being influenced by music of this multicultural metropolis, K’boko combines the roots of Afro-Brazilian organic music with digital/electronic musical influences of the city where artists from all over the world live.

He is the founder of the Maracatu group “Baque Forte Berlin” and of “Afrodiaspora Groovez”, a research group for traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms, working actively in the maintenance and propagation of these traditions with classes, workshops, seminars and performances thoughout Europe. As a percussions musicians, he has had the opportunity to play and record with various artists around the world including, among others, Guy One (Ghana), Alemayehu Eshete (Ethopia), Idris Ackamoor (USA), Karol Konká (Brazil) and Xênia França (Brazil). Besides his musical work in Berlin, K’boko also develops socials projects with refugees, applying his music as a therapeutic tool.