Diepkloof United Voice

In 2016, nine young men from different parts of Diepkloof, a neighborhood within Soweto’s sprawling township, came together, united by their shared home and impatience with the second highest youth employment rate in the world. Frustrated by the state's repeated failures, they embraced self-empowerment through music. These talented individuals, all musically trained during high school, met through school competitions and choir gatherings. Soweto's competitive music scene, particularly in Diepkloof, became their proving ground, where exceptional talent thrived and vibrant parties left lasting memories. To succeed, one had to stand out. The Diepkloof community inspired, motivated, and supported one another on their path to success.

Since their formation in 2016, Diepkloof United Voice's music has gone viral multiple times on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, garnering between 60,000 to 2 million views