As an artist manager, raver and all-round muso, Dangermami had already learnt the ins and outs of the electronic scene before even laying a finger on a mixer. Upon deciding to step from the dancefloor into the booth, she founded a mentorship programme to help other femmes looking to launch their careers. Femme Bass Mafia is the result of this idea which – via a who’s who of Berlin Bass stars – has been teaching new DJs how to make it bang, organising showcases and events and contributing to vinyl releases.

Known for her fierce drum breaks, bass-heavy club bouncers and 140-160 BPM madness, the budding selector has already been gaining notoriety as a force to be reckoned with (by bookers and would-be haters alike). Half-Russian, Half Dutch and having grown up in France, Dangermami’s risk-taking antics earned her this nickname, and she continues to bring an element of spontaneity to all her performances.