Chooc Ly Tan is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, music & cultural producer who works across moving images, DJ sets, radio podcasts, event organizing, and club nights. With a background in sculpture and performance. Their practice sets out to create new visions of reality by subverting or repurposing systems and tools we use to understand the world around us – such as concepts and methodologies from physics, politics, and music. Often, Chooc Ly draws attention to power imbalances, using video and sound as mediums to find an experimental cadence within the personal histories, found footage, and political undertows that inform and inflect the Afro-Asian diaspora, in the face of ongoing colonialism(s). Their recent film commission On The Offbeat (2021) explores those disruptive and productive moments of suspension that surround syncopation, tracing the significance of the offbeat through Vogue Fem, diasporic rhythms, critical theory, and insect behavior.