Bridges Over Borders

Bridges over Borders (BoB) started as a community-based project in response to the lack of support structures and the discrimination faced by BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalised individuals fleeing the war in Ukraine. Since then we have evolved into a non-profit association with the aim of generally supporting vulnerable individuals seeking refuge in Berlin and Germany as well as advocating for policy change.

BOB supports individuals in their efforts of integrating in Germany with a focus on the city of Berlin. This includes different aspects of building a life here such as accompanying people to government offices, aiding with translations, distributing material donations, medical support and supporting with educational and professional prospects.

At the moment, BoB consists of 10 core members and several volunteers and collaborators. Since our inception we were able to directly assist more than 70 individuals with basic needs and many more through counseling and referral to other support structures.