Ben Olayinka

When Ben was a kid, his dad used to drive him around the lake in the back of a truck, looking up at the stars, listening to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti - normal dad stuff. Many countries, homes, languages, and family constellations later, Ben is proud of who he's settled down as - a big, funny guy, comfortable in his own skin, who loves groovy music. Today, Ben is the proud papa of Spati Party Berlin, a place for the neighborhood to meet, where kids, dogs, and people of all colors and shapes are welcome to come and just enjoy being themselves. Like everything Ben does, it's not about being seen, wearing fancy stuff, or even about looking good - it's just about enjoying being in your own body and appreciating the little things in life. Ben is also a fiery afrobeat and disco dj, just getting started at 32 years young, setting dancefloors ablaze and loving every second of this beautiful thing called life.