Strategies for Grassroots Communities: How Privilege Informs Understandings of Vernacular Music

Workshop by Sai Versailles and Sean Bautista (Manila Community Radio)

Date: 29 January 2024 Time: 17:00 – 19:00 Venue: Oona Bar / Refuge Worldwide

Curated for creative practitioners from diaspora communities, this workshop - part of Refuge Worldwide's collaboration with CTM Festival - aims to decode the debate on cultural appreciation versus appropriation through a critical assessment of privilege.

Facilitated by Sai Versailles and Sean Bautista, volunteer managing partners of Manila Community Radio, they will present MCR’s ongoing research on budots – a grassroots genre of dance and electronic music from the Bisaya region that incorporates Bajau traditions with eurotrance and tropical city noises.

In discussing how they’ve navigated the oft-criticized »imperial Manila« gaze on a regional subculture, they will touch on issues of globalisation, national identity, and collective versus individual agency, offering speculative solutions to systemic issues in the music industry.

The presentation will be followed by an interactive workshop for attendees to (1) reflect on their own privileges and (2) brainstorm equitable forms of collaboration with grassroots communities.

Interested participants should apply until January 12th. We’ll confirm participation before January 22nd. Priority will be given to people of colour, people from the LGBTQI+ community and those otherwise marginalised from such opportunities.

Special thanks to the Goethe-Institut for supporting Versailles and Sean Bautista with travel funding.

Applications to this workshop are now closed.