Nene H Mentorship Programme - Refuge Worldwide & Liebeskind Berlin

Refuge Worldwide, Liebeskind Berlin and Nene H are excited to offer three emerging musicians the chance to take part in a creative mentorship programme this April.

This five-day workshop series will guide local and aspiring artists through their music creation process, providing expert advice on how to take tracks to the next level and primed for release, and how to build an authentic artistic identity. Renowned mentor Nene H will provide personalised support to selected participants, assisting them in refining their sound and leveraging their music and voice to capture what makes them unique.

Participants will benefit from studio time with Nene H, as well as one-on-one guidance through technical and theoretical sessions tailored to help navigate the process from ideation right through to releasing music on a record label.

· Please note if you would like to take part, you must be available April 15th-19th and April 29th. The application process is now open, and will close 25th March. Successful applicants will be informed before April 6th.

· Priority will be given to those with refugee backgrounds, BIPoC, people from the LGBTQIA community, disabled people, women and gender nonconforming people, or anyone else who feels that due to their background, they face difficulties accessing music education.

Read more about the course structure and apply below.

- Developing Artistic Identity: Shaping your sound and vision.

- Sound Design & Synthesis: Practical sessions in a professional studio setting, exploring synthesizers and advanced production tools.

- Track Refinement: Dedicated studio days for refining and finalizing your tracks on Ableton.

- Career Development: Insights into the music industry, including a special radio programme day for wider exposure and discussions on navigating the path to release.

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