Building A Sonic Archive with Olivia Melkonian

Preserve family, community and personal history through audio recording and archiving.

On Saturday, 3rd February, Olivia Melkonian hosts a workshop, inviting participants to collectively challenge the traditional concept of archiving, from motive to medium. Offering a warm space of open dialogue, this workshop welcomes new ideas and explorations of archiving as a practice, alongside practical demonstrations and exercises to develop the technical skills needed to build your own sonic archive.

This edition of the workshop will veer its focus towards accessible recording practices, creative audio editing, soundscape production and storytelling. All experience levels are welcome.

Please apply below.

Language: spoken English

Date: Saturday, 3rd February

Event Timing: 12:00-14:00

Event Address: The space is situated at Weserstr. 166, 12045 Berlin, identifiable by its green exterior and bar-like appearance.

If you require assistance, you can contact Gaby by emailing or by phone: 0049 (0) 15751801489.


  • The space is not wheelchair accessible.

  • A gender-neutral toilet is available on-site.

  • There are no stroboscopic or animated lights and in the evenings, the lighting is low.

  • Several seating options are available including benches with cushions and low and high stools.