Refuge Worldwide & Oona Bar

  • We operate a zero-tolerance policy toward racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination 

  • We will address and challenge inappropriate behavior in a safe way, and take action in line with the wants and needs of the people affected.

  • We believe in positive responses and will offer opportunities for follow up conversation when it is possible and appropriate.

  • We want to be a place where anyone who needs support or feels uncomfortable can share, especially people who might feel marginalized or targeted in other places and spaces.

  • We want to foster creativity and collaboration in an environment where everyone feels welcomed, supported and free to be who they are.

  • We expect respect between our team and the whole community.

  • Intend to work for the benefit of the local area 

  • Host community focused initiatives

  • Create and allow discourse to flourish

  • Deliver a diverse and high quality music, workshop and events programme