Your Periphery Is My Centre: Lithuania | Daniele Liepa (aka DJ Duvardai) & Oramics

With Oramics

Your Periphery Is My Center is a show curated by Oramics to support regionally underrepresented artists by amplifying the voices from the Eastern European electronic music scene and examining inequality within the industry. Each show presents a selection of music from a different country in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. This episode is bringing light to Lithuania and our guide is Daniele Liepa.

Daniele Liepa aka Dj Duvardai (Two names or also known as deuxnoms) is a dj, music lover and sound/events technician from Lithuania. Daniele takes a part in the Lithuanian DIY scene, queer and self organised spaces who explores music and socially, politically and communally driven dynamics in society while looking for non conformist ways of organising events and playing music. In this show Daniele presents just a little glimpse of very different artists from Lithuania, not especially by genre, but more by contexts and history that they come from. There's much more to hear, but hopefully some of the sounds will be new for listeners from abroad.

***Couple corrections of mistakes made in the show: *Sa-Sa old punk band track "Mes neturime verkti" first time that was played live was 1983, officially released 1994(when the band wasn't active anymore) **Big and sincere apologies to composers trio - Edgy Palates. I don't know what got into my head, but definitely some miss-typo happened in my brain cause during the show I pronounce it as "Plates"...

Oramics is a feminist artist platform created in 2017 to support women, queer and non-binary people in the electronic music industry. Oramics is also dedicated to supporting artists and musicians from the region of Eastern Europe.