Your Periphery Is My Center: Georgia | Oramics, ARNII & Seqta

With Oramics

Your Periphery Is My Center is a show curated by Oramics to support regionally underrepresented artists by amplifying the voices from the Eastern European electronic music scene and examining inequality within the industry. Each show presents a selection of music from a different country in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our third instalment is dedicated to music from Georgia hosted by ARNII & Seqta. Get ready for an unique selection of Georgian obscure and underground music from the 90's and early 2000`s ranging from new wave, post punk to hip hop and IDM.

ARNII is a driving force behind FUCHS2 dramaturgical revival, the creative brain behind ever-changing ONYX club nights, and radio host / sonic explorer at Radio Punctum. He is Georgia-born but based in Prague for almost a decade now. Having nurtured respect and love for the local scene and inter-club collaborations, he is a hands-on curator and DJ playing anything from UK-infused techno, bass, neo-grime, and experimental club music.

Seqta is the stage name of a Berlin-based Georgian producer, DJ and resident of TES club whose sets are unstoppable highlights for the listeners. Drifting through the sounds of euphoric trance, EBM and acid house shamanic tribal drums and progressive breaks filled with ghetto sensuality, he creates an utter, inspiring dancing atmosphere on the dance floor.