Weserhalle | Christine Schmelter & Cathrin Hoffmann

With Weserhalle

Christine Schmelter of Weserhalle Gallery talks with visual artist Cathrin Hoffmann about the tunes that get her into her studio flow.

In her paintings, sculptures and installations, Cathrin Hoffmann reimagines, remodels, and recycles various corporealities to explore and question what being human means in the future post-digital age. The distorted figures defy standardized and stereotypical ideas of the human physique, particularly circulated by the media. Although Hoffmann predominantly works with feminine shapes, she does not draw a dividing line between male and female, human and animal, animal-human and machine, natural and artificial. Her aesthetic operates in an equivocal realm, in which these kinds of dualisms are non-existent, setting a new basis for futuristic diverse body types.