Wax Nostalgic | Bengisu Çağlayan

With Bengisu Çağlayan

Wax Nostalgic presents a soundscape of politics, uprisings and identities from the recent past of Turkey by studying works of artist Devrim CK (Berlin), legendary band Siya Siyabend (Istanbul) and the influential DJ, producer and activist İpek İpekçioğlu (Berlin). With a dash of music and a pitch of talk, the show takes a peek into the Neukölln-based art space Apartment Project, and brings forward epitomes of musical interpretations of revolt, social transformation and self-expression, either on the streets or on the dancefloor, in a one-hour-long sound collage. Delving into the soundscape, audio-passages from the film/documentary Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul (2005) by Fatih Akın featuring Alexander Hacke, and live-recordings from Gezi Protests in Istanbul (2013) guide us towards the cultural and political insignia of the region and its people.