Two Hours Of Jazz

With George Earnest

A holiday special of AHOJ, featuring contributions from around the globe.

21 friends, previous guests, and other Refuge Worldwide residents each pick a track and say a few words about it.

I asked the guests to pick a track that's dear to them, and to be loose with the definition of jazz! So a great variety of picks!

There's also a little surprise at the end.

In order of appearance:

Radu Bogdan Matei [ BAR.TON ] O.N.A [ Refuge Worldwide ] Bill Mango [ Mango ] Matthew Dundon [ The Midnight Disco ] Richard Akingbehin [ Refuge Worldwide ] John & Tracey Earnest Mitchell Kennedy Stillman Peppe Bottigilieri Rory Caraher Danielle Friedman Kaodi [ Refuge Worldwide ] Lunchbox Geoff [ Refuge Worldwide ] Danny Tek Mike Magnus Bang Olsen [ The Zenmenn ] DC FSLMan [ First Second Label ] Juan Ignacio Iglesias Leo Hassler Liar [ Tessier Ashpool Recordings ] Alice Faucher George Earnest

Artwork by the wonderful Alice Faucher.