Transmission in Conversation

With Sarah Farina, Kerstin Meißner / krstn, and Transmission

Sarah Farina & Kerstin talk about the importance of encouraging people to listen to the music they love with more curiosity: to seek out the history behind the compositions & voices that bring endless joy to our lives.


  • Bahamadia- Pep Talk

  • Lux Familiar - I'll Call U Back

  • The Winstons - Amen, Brother

  • Lennie De Ice - We Are Ie

  • Deeon feat. Tish Bailey - Freak Like Me

  • Kim English- Nightlife (Armad Van Helden Retail Mix)

  • Sybil - Let Yourself Go (Club Mix)

  • Sweet Pussy Pauline - The Walk (Club Mix)

  • Deize Tigrona - Injeção

  • Deize Tigrona & Badsista - Vagabundo 10