Politics of the Dance Floor: Transmission in Conversation

With Kerstin Meißner / krstn, Sarah Farina, and Transmission

What is the relationship between rave and resistance? What does social justice look like on and off the dance floor?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the desolate situation of the club scene reflects present-day social, political and cultural challenges. The dance floor, a place of lived social utopia and resistant practices, has been put on a forced break. But at the same time it is a globally networked and political space, also and especially because it is vulnerable.

"Politics of the Dance Floor: Transmission in Conversation" is the bimonthly continuation of a podcast series Transmission (Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner) has startet in collaboration with Haus der Kulturen der Welt during the pandemic. It explores the varied responses of club culture to current events. How can this momentum advance new ways of raving and experiencing club music? What can we take from that experience to create hopeful and more inclusive dance floors in the future?

In this first episode we introduce ourselves, talk about our idea behind Transmission and explain what we mean when talking about politics and dance floors. It´s in german, future episodes will switch between languages, sometimes we will have guests, sometimes not. Please get in touch if you have ideas, questions or recommendations for topics we can discuss.

In this episode: Book: "Why We Matter" by Emilia Roig

Book: "Relational Becoming" by Kerstin Meißner

Podcast: "Ohne Spaß kein Fun" by Marlon Hoffstadt

Documentation: "Wer rettet die Clubs?" by SWR

"Politics of the Dance Floor" podcast series with HKW

Transmission website.