Transmission with CHEEX and Lecken

With Sarah Farina, Kerstin Meißner / krstn, and Transmission

The history of electronic dance music and club culture is inseparably linked with bodies in all their different shapes, as well as forms of (identity) expression, movements and community-building.

In this episode Transmission team up with CHEEX, a sexual wellness platform aiming to disrupt the porn industry through an unprecedented, ethical concept. Together with Nikki, who is responsible for creator marketing at CHEEX, Kerstin and Sarah are in conversation with Wanda and Zoe from Berlin-based art collective Lecken. With a femme-to-the-front attitude, grounded in a feminist politics of care and accountability, Lecken organizes queer erogenous raves with a strong commitment to the dance floor.

Expect juicy dips into the complexities of pleasures, sensuality, desire, bodies, somatics, movement and how this is and can all be linked to social transformation and, of course, the dancefloor.