The Spiral Times: Girls Against the State | BB

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In honour of international (working) women’s day, here is a special spiral survey of the most potent messages for now from visionary political women, historical to the present day, with music to match. We have contributions from friends and comrades in the fight for gender justice around the world, and historical vignettes on socialist feminists and revolutionary communists, the gals who squatted and occupied and burnt and built and planned, refused state, settler, sexual violence and institutional capture, women who faced down tanks or took up arms with babies in their arms; for freedom. The show includes some lessons from a decade and then some inside the sticky trenches of feminist anti-violence work, voice notes from inspiring cool geniuses, for an end to this world as we know it.

Content note: We get into the infiltration of the British and Spanish state into the lives of women activists through undercover policing and deceiving them into relationships, and hear from survivors organising against this sexual abuse. To bring an end to every prison, we start with how we treat each other. So says Assata: It is our duty to fight. It is our duty to win. We must love and support one another. We have nothing to lose but our chains. Enjoy.