The Sound of Yapurutú | Daniel Uribe

With Daniel Uribe

The Yapurutú is an instrument cherished by the indigenous Baniwa culture, crafted from the sacred wood of trees that had witnessed centuries pass by. Its sound transcends the boundaries of time and its melody possesses magical properties.

The sound of Yapurutú emerges as a project that defies borders, where cultures intersect and histories engage in a rhythmic dialogue, seamlessly weaving together the diverse sounds of diasporas. Picture a tapestry of tropical funk, mind-altering psychedelic cumbia, the rhythmic heartbeat of funaná, the soulful vibes of Afrobeat, and the pulsating rhythms of tropical electronic exploration. The beats of bygone eras find a timeless sanctuary in the present moment. It is an odyssey through the echoes of a thousand yesterdays and the rhythmic promise of a thousand tomorrows.