The Flowery Years: Wong Kar-Wai Special | Jeyrototo

With Jeyrototo

Jeyrototo dedicates this show to the films of her favorite Hong Kong filmmaker, Wong Kar-Wai.

While his films are widely known for their vivid cinematography and nuanced exploration of human relationships, they are also characterised by the thoughtful use of music. The soundtracks play an integral role in the storytelling, setting the mood and rhythm of the narrative and evoking feelings of nostalgia, longing, and melancholy.

In this show, Jeyrototo will play a selection of music from and inspired by Wong Kar-Wai's films, including "In the Mood for Love", "Chungking Express", "Fallen Angels", and "Happy Together". Expect to hear a variety of international and Cantonese songs, as well as original scores, ranging from atmospheric instrumentals to upbeat pop tracks.