The Dog's Breakfast Show | Nordberg

With Nordberg

Nordberg steps in to guide listeners through the most important meal of the day. Tuck in!

Roger Doyle - Spring is Coming

The Spunky Onions - How I lost my virginity

The Cannanes - 52 Linthorpe St

Augustus Pablo - Eastman Dub

Builders - Magazine

A New Personality - Eyes

Daily Fauli - Nobody Home

Model Citizen - Bombed Out

The Rising Storm - Frozen Laughter

AC Marias - Our Dust

Sardine V - Stuck on You

The Fall - Wings

Happy Mondays - Lazyitis (One Armed Boxer mix)

New Order - Turn the Heater On

White Mice - Youths of Today

Bomber Jackets - R U Terrified?

The Sound - Party of the Mind

Front 242 - Geography I

Warfield Spillers - Miss Hollywood

Lou Miami & The Kozmetix - Dancing with Death

The Limp - Marked Man

Susan Cadogan - Congratulations

Stevie Nicks - 24 Karat Gold demo

Nikki Sudden - Curfew Island

The Lewers - Kalopsia

Damien Lovelock - Ghost town

Trisomie 21 - Is Anybody Home? Part I

El Ultimo Sueño - Perdido en el túnel del tiempo

Peter Gutteridge - Ocean

Edip Akbayram - Mehmet Emmi

Fallout - Democracy

Television Personalities - Smashing Time

Chameleons - Up the Down Escalator

39 Clocks - A Look into You